About WJ Sutton Ltd. 

W J Sutton Limited is a business started by the directors’ great-grandfather, W J Sutton in 1887.

His father and uncle were experienced jewellers who passed on their skills to him.

Today we trade under the names W J Sutton Ltd. and 925jewellery.co.uk


We are a manufacturing jeweller who focuses on providing top quality jewellery at a reasonable price.


We only supply to resellers and not to the general public.

This is normally caused by small differences between one’s username and/or password and the login information entered.

Although our system is not case sensitive, it would read “a smith” as different from ‘asmith’.

It also has a character limit, so long email addresses will be truncated.

We highly recommend keeping any usernames simple and different from any other sites you may use.

We don’t recommend asking our system to generate a new password, as the password generated will likely be difficult to remember. Instead, please call us or email us at ken@wjsutton.co.uk.

It is also worth noting that it is not possible to change your username.

We have lost our username and/or password or I can’t login properly. What can I do?

What do you specialise in?

We sell a wide range of jewellery in Carat Gold and Sterling Silver, but our specialty is Silver chain, both machine made and Handmade. Many of the latter are lines exclusive to ourselves.

It's quite easy, just follow the 4 simple steps below to create an account.

  • View our website online at www.925jewellery.co.uk

  • Click on 'Create Account' at the top of the page.

  • Fill the fields on the next page with the required information and create a unique username and password. (Please note that this username cannot be changed.)

  • Click 'Sign Up'.


It’s as easy as that. You can expect your account to be confirmed within 1 working day, after which your account will be ready to use.

How do I create an account?

Why can't I log in?

A few of our customers have problems logging into their account whilst using safari as a browser.

We suggest that our customers download and use Google Chrome (www.google.com/chrome) . 

We accept online payment by Credit or Debit Card.

We use Sage Pay to process these payments. They offer PayPal as an alternative channel, though we prefer the main service because orders placed using PayPal sometimes do not complete properly.


If your payment does not complete correctly, we don’t recommend trying again. Instead, please call us or email us and we will make alternative arrangements.


For offline payments, we still use Sage Pay to process card payments, but Sage Pay stores card details so that we can credit clients for returns and, with permission, take payment for future orders without retaking your details.

We accept cheques from old friends in the trade, as well as Bank transfers.

Payment Information

My payment has been taken in error?

Whenever an internet payment (not just on our site) is processed, the card company “authorises” it if there are funds available.


If the website accepts the payment, the money will be taken later and the order is dispatched.


However, most websites have anti-fraud rules such as only dispatching to the card address. The card then remains “authorised” until it is deleted by the card company. If you want this shadow to be removed you will need to ask for a supervisor, as front line card company staff may provide misleading advice.

What are your working hours ?

Our work hours are:

Monday to Friday: 9am-4pm

Weekend: CLOSED

We have some long standing clients who have credit accounts, however because banks are reluctant to extend their credit facilities, several of them are struggling to pay to our terms.


Therefore, we are only opening new credit accounts in very exceptional circumstances.

Can I open a credit account ?

Are your products hallmarked ?

We hallmark our goods to UK legal standards, which is Carat Gold items containing more than 1gm of gold or Sterling Silver items containing more than 7.8gm of silver per piece (earrings and cufflinks contain 2 pieces, chains and pendants are separate products) have to be independently hallmarked by a government approved Assay Office, in our case the Birmingham Assay Office.


Items with the HM suffix are voluntarily hallmarked. Each year we voluntarily hallmark over 10,000 pieces.


Clients from Ireland and Switzerland have to submit all precious metal products for assaying and many other clients use UK hallmarking as a marketing tool.


These products are taken from our normal stock, this together with the fact that our lighter pieces come from exactly the same sources as our heavier pieces assures us that everything we supply is Genuine Sterling Silver. If you wish for any item below 7.8gm to be hallmarked this can be done for £1 with a week leadtime.

Are your un-hallmarked items marked in anyway ?

Items that we make ourselves will be marked either with 925 or Silver, unless we are legally obliged to mark them some other way (see above question).


Otherwise, we leave the marking of our jewellery to our suppliers. The vast majority of these are discreetly marked .925 but we cannot guarantee this.


However as a warning, the most clearly marked jewellery is the fake silver, often sold on online auction sites.

What is Rolled Gold and Gold Plated ?

Gold Plated is a very thin layer of gold that is deposited over another metal. This is done by placing the item in a gold liquid solution and passing an electric current through it. The longer you do this for, the thicker the layer but even with a 9ct hard gold plating it does not seem to last very long when worn, particularly for bracelets, chains & rings. Plating often wears off in less than 12 months.

Rolled gold has been tried and tested for over 50 years. A sheet of gold is soldered to another metal & then forced through a rolling machine make it thinner.This process hardens the metal thus making it hard wearing. The rolled gold items we have are made of 14ct gold with a thickness of at least 1/20th which is guaranteed to give years of service.

Can we have exclusivity on a line ?

If it is your copyright then it will automatically be exclusive (if in doubt, please check with us). Otherwise, we would respectfully decline exclusivity/bespoke requests.

Are your products all British?

Unlike some of our competitors, we still have our own manufacturing facilities.


Some of our products are sourced from our friends in the trade locally whilst others are from trusted overseas sources.


It may interest you that the trend for importing products has started to reverse and we are making and selling more of our self-manufactured products and have recently seen an increase in our exports too.

For all of our online orders, as well as most others, we use Royal Mail Special Delivery.


We dispatch either the same day or the next day, so if the parcel doesn’t arrive within 2 working days please contact us.

When should we expect delivery?

How much do you charge for postage ?

£7.50 minimum or actual cost for larger parcels/exports. This value is given on web orders at time of payment.

Aren’t postal charges exempt from VAT ?

Postal services provided by the Post Office are exempt from VAT, but this exemption does not extend to similar services provided by other suppliers, even where this might be seen as being in direct competition with the Post Office.


However, if any delivery charge you make to your own customers includes the cost of stamps that you buy from the Post Office, you may have to charge VAT on the whole amount including the cost of those stamps.

Do you offer drop shipping services and if so what are the terms and conditions ?

Unfortunately we do not dropship. The main reason for this is that we are a bulk distributor and haven't built the costs of individual parcels into our costings.