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Are Anklets going to be this summer's biggest jewellery trend?

Well according to Vogue they are 'the subtle accessory you need this summer'.

Ankle #bracelets have been worn for centuries by ancient Egyptians, in India and in Persia. It became a popular fashion accessory in Europe and America in the 20th Century. They were a style staple in the 90s and much like the #choker, #anklebracelets are making a tentative comeback.

However, the new wave of anklets aren't kitschy but instead they are more subtle and sophisticated.

They've been seen on catwalks for the likes of Calvin Klein, Chloe and Dior. The trend of showing ankles, either with rolled-up jeans or culottes or by banishing socks from the wardrobe, has led to influencers adorning their ankles with delicate #chains

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