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Looking after your 925 Silver Jewellery

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

We are often asked for advice about looking after jewellery and how to prevent it from tarnishing. So, we decided to share Jewellery Monthly's great article about looking after your jewellery.


In addition we thought we would add our own thoughts on the subject.

Pure Silver doesn’t tarnish however, because Sterling Silver contains copper (and sometimes other metals) which can tarnish when in contact with air. This process can be accelerated if the piece is left in moist conditions. It is for this reason that if you are located close to the sea it is even more important that extra steps are taken to avoid tarnishing.

We always recommend keeping jewellery in dry conditions. If possible we would also advise that jewellery is wrapped in acid free tissue paper and cleaned with a impregnated silver cleaning polishing cloth after it has been worn.

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