About W J Sutton Ltd.

At W J Sutton Ltd., our mission is to provide high-quality and timeless jewellery pieces to our valued retail customers. We are a 135-year-old jewellery business based in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, an industrial hub that boasts a rich history of craftsmanship and innovation. Attention to detail and commitment to our customers is […]

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All about Figaro Chains

Unlike most chains which feature similarly sized links the Figaro’s unique design element is its single larger elongated oval link followed by a number of small rounded links. This makes the chain easily recognisable as the repeating designs of other chains, from which the Figaro draws inspiration, are interrupted every so often by the Figaro’s

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All About Box Chains

Pleasing to the eye with its consistent, geometric design the box chain stands out in a sea of circular and rounded chains. Also known as Venetian chain and sometimes briolette, the box chain is made by rolling round wire flat and shaping it into squares which are then attached together to form the characteristic box

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All about Trace Chains

Trace chains are made in much the same way as the simpler chain designs like Cable or Belcher chains. Links of uniform breadth and thickness, usually small and oval in shape, are joined together one after the other to form a chain. The origin of this chain’s name is unknown though a couple of theories

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Why are infinity symbols popular for Jewellery Design? ∞

The other name for the symbol is a Lemniscate which comes from the Latin word meaning decorated with ribbons. It was first used to denote mathematical infinity in 1655 by mathematician John Wallis. Since Wallis first used it the symbol has been used to represent a number of different concepts such as hope, eternity and empowerment. The infinity symbol

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